Dan’s Tiny Reviews

Yes, these are indeed smaller than average book reviews:

Herbalist updated jacket - WIP (2)

The Herbalist/ N. Boyce/ drama in 1930s Ireland – excellently written, atmospheric, A1 characters, dark & rural & emotive, themes which still resonate today – Big thumbs up

gone girl

Gone Girl/ G. Flynn/ Thriller set in the States – husband accused of murdering his wife/ original with twists, good chemistry between characters but slightly infuriating; far-fetched but strangely addictive – Thumb kinda horizontal

this boys life

This Boy’s Life/ T. Wolff/ Drama set in the States – Boy trying to find his place in the world/ emotive, beautifully written, fantastic characters, perfect writing – 10 out of 10

red ribbons

Red Ribbons/ L. Philips/ Crime set in Ireland/ Great pace, rich characters, dark, atmospheric with some great twists, if you’re into your crime books you’ll be into this – A big bloodied thumbs up

Cinnamon Toast

Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World/ J. Cameron/ Coming of age book set in Canada/ Funny, clever, original style and an intriguing setting. Plenty of emotion in the mix – a Canadian thumbs up.

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