Bad Advice: 10 writers on the tips that did no good


The Stinging Fly have produced an article for their blog based around bad advice for writers. Luckily, I was asked to be one of the contributors.

Here is the short blurb for the article…

A google search for ‘writing tips’ provides 1.9 million results. And you can’t walk down a Twitter-street without someone proffering their #WritingTips (we’re even guilty of it ourselves). But one of the most difficult tasks is learning how to filter the good from the bad, and the useful from the not-quite-so-useful-at-the-moment. So we asked ten authors to share an experience of counsel that isn’t/wasn’t all that constructive. (Bearing in mind that one man’s baguette is another man’s reminder of his gluten intolerance…)

…and if you would like to see the full article including my contribution, just click on the link

Launch of ‘A Model Partner’

book launch photo2

Thank you to everyone who came to the book launch on Tuesday evening. And thank you for all the kind words from those who couldn’t make it.
We had a full house in the Gutter Bookshop, a brilliant introduction from Colin Barrett, plenty of wine and plenty of smiles!

If you don’t have a copy, it is now available from most bookstores. Or you can order it from the Liberties Press website –