Will you help us choose?

Dublin Inquirer

Anybody who has read the Dublin Inquirer will recognise an ethos of independent, high caliber, local journalism, with strong focus on topics that truly impact our communities, from  housing and homelessness to transport, planning and Dublin City Council. So it’s no surprise they’re among 57 news organisations across Europe who have been awarded grants from the European Journalism Covid-19 Support Fund.

Of course, they want to spend this money as best they can.
In true DubInQ fashion, they would like input from the people that matter.



There’s so much more we’d like to do. But rather than just choosing a new area to expand into ourselves, we want to hear from you what new subject or geographic area (in Co. Dublin) you’d like us to focus on going forward and have someone write about in each week’s edition.



If there are areas you feel need more reporting on, whether it’s education, health, immigration, race and Identity, or any other topic that’s been floating around your noggin for a while now, fill out their survey here.  DubInQ New Subject Areas


For more info on the whole thing, take a look at this….

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