Irish Literary Festivals


First, I have to apologise for being a bit neglectful of the old blog recently. Unfounded rumours have been spreading as to why this has happened. Some are saying that I have recently married a human rights lawyer in Venice.  Others are saying I have been appointed to the board of the Irish Museum of Modern Art. The most diabolical of rumours is that a spectator at an inter-county match picked me up by the legs and struck megastar Paul Galvin with my upper torso.
But the truth is a little less dramatic.
I’m working like mad on a book.

And for the next couple of months I’m sure to be immersed in a whole load of editing so articles on my blog might remain a bit scarce. Perhaps I may even resort to rehashing old pieces which have been hidden away in my kitchen cupboard, like the essay on Christopher Columbus that I did in primary school or the embarrassing rock song I wrote during my angst teenage years titled ‘The Malarkey of Fergal Sharkey’, the song I stopped writing because I couldn’t think of anything to rhyme with bum-fluff.  Maybe I might even blog my homemade thesaurus of commodore 64 terms.
Are they still relevant in todays’ world?
You bet your IEEE-488-Floppy Printer they are!

In the meantime, I just wanted to mention a couple of festivals that I’ll be involved with in one way or another this autumn/ winter.

Red Line Generic Banner

The first is the Red Line Book Festival, an event that is in its third year now and is organised by South Dublin Libraries. This October will see readings and interviews and workshops in Tallaght and other areas in south Dublin and they will feature brilliant writers like Christine Dwyer Hickey, Donal Ryan, Nuala Ní Chonchúir to name but a few.

As part of Red Line Book Festival  I’ll be speaking at an event on Tuesday 14th Oct, an evening which will also feature the talented writers Rob Doyle and Oona Frawley. It will be facilitated by founder of Tramp Press Sarah Davis-Goff and we wrote a piece about the event for which you can check out here if you fancy:


On the 23rd of October there will be an evening of readings in the MARTCADE Rathmines. There will be a number of Liberties Press authors involved in the event including Tara West (author of Poets Are a Delicacy in Japan) and Jason Johnson (author of Sinker). Anto Seery, who gave a brilliant performance as Arthur Casey in The One We Left Behind, will be performing a piece from my novel too.

MARTCADE is a new Berlin Style Food Hall with some of Irelands leading Market Food Vendors,  a colourful art space to eat, drink, relax and work.

dublin book festival

November will see the launch of The Dublin Book Festival a public event which “showcases, supports and develops Irish Publishing by programming, publicising and selling Irish published books, their authors, editors and contributors all in an entertaining, festive, friendly and accessible environment that reflects the creativity and personality of the Irish Publishing sector and its authors”.

Some of the writers involved this year are Kevin Barry, Anna Carey, Lia Mills and Sara Baume.

The Dublin Book Festival 2014 will take place from 13 – 16 November 2014 using Smock Alley Theatre as the festival hub. I’ll be a guest on RTÉ Radio 1’s Arena Live Show on the Friday. Tickets are available for the show if you would like to attend the evening.


I’m really looking forward to these festivals and if you are a reader or a writer or if you’d just like to see a red-faced bearded individual on a stage you might want to head along to one of the many events associated with them.
Don’t forget, I’m also available for birthdays, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs too!